My life was once in the dark, alone in a place unknown.
Full of hard times trying to understand it all and to find ways out.
My mood had dropped down low finding myself being upset about everything.
Trying to build a life, to make friends, and to think of new ways for new chances.
Many ways attempted, many failed, nothing really came my way.
That was a time I had to face new challenges and watch everything get out of my control.

There had to be a way.

Sharon wrote to me, grabbed me out of my shady mood.
She talked the same language and thought in similar ways.
She had a wonderful life and successful career in the same world where I was.

She introduced me to her world and showed how she handled and enjoyed her life.
It was as if someone had opened a new window for me to see things in different ways.
Sharon showed me the bright side of life, its joy while being true to herself.
I started to look at my life and understood I could have a different view.
I had hope in life again.

Every time I thought of her, I had the feeling of having hope back.

Friendship may be the most cherished treasure on earth.
Those who come in to help with passion are rare.
You may meet them when all goes down in your life, when you have nothing in return except appreciation.

Jayo, copyright © 2017
Recorded @ 432Hz

Music Composed and Performed by Jayo
Beats and Mastered by Onur Birinci