This song attempts to bring out the harmony between human energies and frequencies at 432 Hz.

Strong emotions involving the need for courage may possibly be electrified to actual rise of bravery when exposed to a song of this nature that contains powers of the universe and water represented at 432 Hz frequencies.

Music can heal. Frequencies can heal. Therefore music is a type of spritual medicine.


It is known that certain melodies can trigger specific emotions.
Using frequencies at 432 Hz mixed with courageous beats of melodies can bring out the energy of courage.

According to some articles, frequencies listened at 432, 528 or 928HZ can help us meditate.


Let's all see if this is possible just by listening to a song.

Jayo, copyright © 2016
Recorded @ 432Hz

Music Composed and Performed by Jayo
Beats and Mastered by Onur Birinci