Ever since I welcome what is new and explored more,
Music started to come out from everywhere more and more.
I appreciated these beautiful melodies that healed me time and time again.

I started challenging myself in many ways to face what I had been avoiding for years.
Hiking on mountains, discovering new trails.
What was I avoiding really?
Life, I think.

I heard my heart beats mixed with the breath of the mountain.
I felt my steps making many sounds climbing the trail.
A crow started the melody, the wind swept me through the song.
A song came out just like that.

This was the first time I witnessed a song to "complete" itself while I only "worked" on it.
This melody was vibrating so strongly in me for hours.
How could I not write it down?

When I put all the parts together, it was still missing something I could not put my fingers on.
Then he came along and added the drum beats to give the song its soul.

We conquered this mountain together.

Jayo, copyright © 2015
Recorded @ 432Hz

Music Composed and Performed by Jayo
Beats and Mastered by Onur Birinci