Once upon a time when I was visiting San Antonio I was amazed at the energy of the city.
Spanish style buildings engulfed by southern relaxed moods.
The River Walk brought out the traditional southern relaxation.
Various artists were expressing their musical talents while playing guitars.

Their music drove me so excited, I felt I melted away and became part of their songs.
I wanted to dance right there so desperately.
I just wanted to put on a pair of red shoes and start turning around and around.

I had to restrain myself very hard from doing so.
I was afraid of offending others and not acting properly in a public place.

I kept the sorrow of not being able to free myself in me for years.
Every time I thought about the River Walk in San Antonio I wanted to dance!

One day some melodies started playing again and again in my head.
These melodies were driving me into the same dancing mood so strongly just like that day.
I started dancing with the music in my head and I was so happy.
Then I realized this music was for the day I had to bury my sorrow.
Regretting not being able to dance in the square freely on that day.

Yes, I can now finally imagine I am dancing at the River Walk over and over again.

Jayo, copyright © 2016
Recorded @ 432Hz

Music Composed and Performed by Jayo
Beats and Mastered by Onur Birinci