This is one of my very early songs right after I started playing keyboard again.
After I composed a couple of songs, a different energy lit up inside me.

I had missed those times when I played in a band with friends, young hearted, full of hope.
I was always excited about having friends to play music together.
I was finally free from school and was able to do whatever my heart wished.
Every weekend I rode on a little scooter to my friend's house and immersed myself into music all day long.
For years I spent most of my weekends playing music.
On those days, I had only my heavy keyboard, music with friends, stage and songs.

So what song could describe the feeling of those days?
We used to talk about how to play certain notes, how to take turns to do solos, when to start the next song...

Those guitars and bass started ringing in my head.
As if I still had all my friends standing to me, all knowing how to start without a single word,
Notes and melodies started to vibrate on their own.

Jayo, copyright © 2015

Music Composed and Performed by Jayo
Beats and Mastered by Onur Birinci