Ever since I knew myself, I noticed so many times my teachers or friends did not agree with me in some ways. They told me I had no logic and didn't follow rules and they didn't understand me. I was used to these types of reactions but somehow I always had hope to find "my friend who spoke the same language".

As time went by people around me still talked about things that I had no interest in having a conversation about. Most of the time I didn't get involved with those conversations. I deeply felt and hoped I would have some friends interested in the same topics.

Mira wrote to me in my blog one day. She had been looking for some information and had found my blog talking about the same books she had been studying. We started our conversation and in very short time we talked about many common topics.

I had found my friend! A friend that I had been waiting for.

She had her natural inner talents and was improving her practice through actions in her physical life. I liked having discussions with her. I was impressed with her dedication of working towards her goals. Whatever area she was interested in, she went for it. In some of her stories in her blog, she mentioned how she went through some hard time due to her actions. She experienced a time when her family first didn't understand her, but then came to her support the most later. Her courage turned her into a beautiful butterfly.

This is what I felt I lacked. I didn't have enough of courage to take the actions I needed to. Sometimes I still find myself living through the past in a way, afraid of my actions bothering my friends who may call me "strange".

But now I started to get back on my natural track - I admit I am different!

Many fun parts are back in my life again and this time I have more friends from her. I am back to the time when I was not afraid of expressing myself. After I accepted myself, my friends started approaching me and asking questions. This time I tell them: Ask Mira.

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